October 12, 2004

Too Busy to Post

Good Lord this Grad School thing is taking me away from the blogging thing. And because I don't want to be all talk I'm going to go register voters today. Instead of a new post from me I bring you a new feature here at Craigorian Chant. Introducing Jess our Senior Basic Cable Analyst:

The great and crazy O'Reilly was on the daily show with the fantastic Jon Stewart last week. Hmm, interesting. After some back and forth jabbing about the drug habits of their respective viewers, followed by some mutual compliments, it got a little more interesting. O'Reilly claimed to be an independent and undecided voter. Um, ok. He has interviewed Bush on his show and he wants Kerry on. Then he'll decide. Then it got better, and he seemed to back that up. He based the cut for the rich a bit. But he claimed that the bush administration succeeded in that there was no depression after 9/11. He also claimed they succeeded in that there have been no further attacks. But then bashed their Iraq/Terrorism policy as ideological, not logical. He hung back from serious criticism of either candidate.
It was more interesting than I was expecting. On one hand I was pleasantly surprised. On the other, I was highly suspicious. O'Reilly? Undecided? Non-partisan? "Fair and Balanced?" My brain just might explode pondering that one.
On a side note, Bishop Desmond Tutu was on the show recently as well. He is quite possibly the sweetest and cutest man on the planet. With the possible exception of the Daili Lama.

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