October 13, 2004

The Stakes

So what's at stake with the Tempest in Tempe tonight? I shall declare this in an unbiased and clear way. If Kerry wins then the stakes are tremendous, the outcome certain, the momentum unstoppable. If Kerry loses then the stakes were small, the outcome uncertain and the momentum hard to gauge. I can be no clearer than that.

Seriously though, read this from James Wolcott:

George Bush has lost twice in a row. The gutless wonders at CNN and elsewhere were reluctant to declare Kerry the victor in the second debate, but the subsequent polls leave little doubt as to who was the winner.

Team Bush has to know that they're down two-zip. They can read numbers. So I expect Bush to overcompensate tonight to prove that his confidence is still intact, practically bursting out of his tight suit even at the peril of revealing the hidden transmitter attaching him to his nanny, Karen Hughes, who'll be busy whispering into a microphone buried in her tacky corsage. It's too late for Bush to show reflection and contrition, to admit mistakes; he doesn't have it in him, and he's more comfortable coming out slugging. Bush spent yesterday getting himself pumped by doing a couple of rallies (while Kerry quietly cooled it to prepare), and I expect him to trot out that old boxing line again, "He can run but he can't hide," to which John Kerry should reply, "I'm not running or hiding, Mr. President--I'm right here. Bring it on, little man." Or words to that effect.

Go read the whole thing. Can Bush go 0-3 and still win the election? Time will tell.

Until tonight read up on the Draft and Bill O'Rielly sex harassment and the 9/11 commision up for book awards.

Till later then.

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