October 26, 2004

The Future.........if Bush wins

With so many people out for Bush's head (especially Dems), I predict that if W. does win many of these same people will organize lynch mobs and go a huntin' for anyone who disagrees with them or disagreed with them in the past. They're not passionate about Kerry, they just hate Bush so damn much. This is not news by the way.

Well, here's a look at what could happen with 4 more years of Bush. Its not all good for W., but I didn't see anything on Dem's going lynching or rioting or anything like that.

ONE MORE......

Sorry for putting 2 posts in one, by I'm lazy:

Anyhow, just wanted to give 2 big thumbs up to Team America. Funniest damn movie I've seen in years. A real good commentary on whats going on in the world, and may I say the film doesn't necessarily paint America in the best light, though it does bash on everyone and thing against it!


Kudos to Trey Parker and Matt Stone for blowing up Michael Moore. I guess they got back at him for that Bowling for Columbine thing.

I had no idea Matt Damon and Ethan Hawke were F.A.G.'s

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