October 7, 2004

Big Mo

I just love a positive feedback loop. Kerry does well in the debate. Edwards puts up a good show. The team starts going up in national polls. The state polls and electoral college lag but will follow. This effects coverage and we get headlines like this "Bush is Beginning to Sound Desperate" "Bush, Cheney Concede Iraq Had No WMDs" Polls get better and so does the coverage.

Second debate goes up tomorrow. It's a town hall format with "real people" asking questions. Expect Kerry to do well, his comeback in Iowa at the start of the year came in part from a massive number of town hall events. Bush does these events as well, but with a pre-screened audience and pre-screened questions. The thing to hope for is a question out of left field that brings out the sputtering dunce that is Bush when he is off his talking points.

Two things to leave you with. First, would you (re)hire this man?

Finally, watch this baby Democrat from Ohio crush the President in a 1 minute floor speech. The issue is the draft, rumors of which I've talked about before. Tim Ryan in one minute shows why no one believes the Administration when they say there will never be a draft.

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