October 19, 2004

Forget the Issues, lets Hear About the Kids

Good story in the Post continues to fuel my crush on the Kerry Girls:

There are the Kerry sisters, so brainy they're intimidating, hitting college campuses, giving interviews.

Both the Bush and Kerry daughters have had their prime-time moments talking about their fathers at the conventions. Both have had their glossy rollouts in Vogue, a spread that served as a coming-out for the previously sheltered president's girls. Appearing together, the sister acts also made a pitch for voting at the Video Music Awards. The combined Kerry-Edwards crew has made hundreds of appearances and print, radio and television interviews, according to Stephen Gaskill, chief of staff for the Kerry and Edwards families.

Vanessa Kerry, 27, wearing a flirty, pop-arty top and tight jeans, is speaking to a bunch of young Democrats at the University of Pennsylvania before the first presidential debate. It's her fourth college rally of the day. A graduate of Yale, like her dad and Bush, and on leave from Harvard Medical School, she is now enrolled in a global health course at the London School of Economics, which requires her to take classes there Mondays through Wednesdays. Most weeks she jets home, flying coach on Wednesday nights to campaign until Sunday, when she flies back to England.

Unlike her father, she can pull off the don't-hate-me-because-I'm-smart routine.

Don't worry ladies, I don't find your brains intimidating.

If you want real election stuff polls are tight, race is close, every vote counts, two weeks left, blah blah blah.

The great Carlson-Stewart feud is on.

Why do dictators want Bush to win?

Only 2 weeks left. Keep the faith!

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jess said...

Go to http://www.ifilm.com/filmdetail?ifilmid=2652831 to see the clip of the original crossfire show. Jon Stewart is my hero.