October 5, 2004

Superduper VP Smakdown Edition

I know I'm supposed to tell you all what to think but I'm not sure what to think. My first instinct is to call it a bit of a tie. But what is the fun in that. Must be groggy from all the planning. Checking with peopling smarter than me...

Political Animal has great find. Cheney referred to Factcheck.com when he meant Factcheck.org. Give Factcheck.com a try. Now give Factcheck.org a try. Kind of mix, ain't it?

Oh, I know why Cheney did well. He lied through his teeth. He even lied about not meeting Edwards before tonight. Let's not start with Iraq.

Unfortunately for Dick Cheney, it's become a reliable rule of thumb that the longer he talks about Iraq the further he diverges from the truth. Last night's debate was no exception. As John Edwards attacked Cheney for his general dishonesty on Iraq, Cheney seemed all too eager to prove Edwards's case for him. On two key issues--the burden shouldered by Iraqi security forces and the vice president's own record of suggesting Saddam Hussein's complicity in September 11--Cheney was up to his usual dishonest tricks.

Cheney lies about everything.

From Dailykos I'm seeing an Abc news instapoll that had Cheney winning the debate 43-35 but the Kerry/Edwards ticket picking up 2 points in the horserace number. Weird.

Finally a note on Cheney and gay marriage. Cheney, whose daughter is gay, disagrees with Bush on banning gay marriage. When Edwards brought this up Cheney took a pass. TV Pundits call this a personal moment. Bull. It's one set of rules for everyone and new rules for the family of Dick Cheney. Why does Cheney's kid get a pass. It like these Republican Congressmen who only fund treatment for illness that has killed their family members. If your group is part of Dick Cheney's family then you get help from the government, if not then you can Go F--- Yourself. John Kerry will fight for gay rights and stem cell research even if he doesn't have a gay daughter or a father with Alzheimer's. Edwards will fight for people without jobs even if eveyone in his family has one. You think we were just kidding about that public good stuff?

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