January 13, 2006

Friday the Uh Oh

So I made it all the way to lunch without realizing that it's Friday the 13th. But now that it's been pointed out to me, I'm expecting the sky to fall in on me. I will attribute the bad mojo of the date for the fact that Hemingway's Bahamas bar burned down, thus making my lifelong quest to "Drink where Hemingway drank" much harder.

I'm also hoping that's the worst the bad mojo brings. Things are not shaping up well with Iran. Don't go thinking, like Bill O'Reilly does, that this is going to end up with us bombing Iran. Iran has the ability to really hurt the US if we try and bomb their nuke program. Oil for starters. Making the US position in Iraq untenable for round two. Unlike Iraq, where all the bad stuff from an invasion came as a "surprise," the bad stuff from attacking Iran is pretty clear.

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