January 2, 2006


This is time for it.

Bush's poll numbers will go up and then go down. Then down a little more. Then stay the same. Then go up. I will link with great joy to all the polls where Bush goes down and carefully ignore the ones where he goes up.

I will master the fine art of Italian cooking.

We aren’t getting out of Iraq. As the 2006 election draw near, a small chunk of US troop will be brought home to great trumpets and fanfare. This will be a cynical ploy to make swing voters think that Iraq is over and a victory. Swing Voter will not be fooled.

I will get a couch. It won't be a great couch, only "good enough."

The Governator is going down. Nothing will save him. He will wake up one day and realize that he has become the villain in his own movie. I will spend a lot of time this year explaining who Phil Angelides is and come November, everyone will know who Phil Angelides is.

The economy will be fine. It won't be a great economy, only "good enough."

The year of trials and hearings. Many high stakes Congressional hearings will be held, about important issues like Separation of Powers and the Fourth Amendment. Senators will grandstand and revelations will be revealed. I will put up with the former to get the latter. Also, 2006 is the year of trials. Or rather, trials I can talk about. Abramoff is cutting a deal. "Scooter" Libby, Cheney's chief of staff, is going on trial. I will become deeply emotionally involved in this trial.

Everyone will be well prepared for hurricanes this year. There will be no hurricanes this year. This year, it will be earthquakes.

A pretty white girl will go missing, her body will be found, her killer put on trial. I will remain emotionally distant from this trial.

Big gains for the Donkeys come November. Democrats will gain narrow control of the US Senate. They will pick up seats in the House of Represenitive but the Republicans will cling to a razor thin majority.

Bonus 2007 and 2008 prediction: Total gridlock in DC as a GOP President and House fight constantly with Democratic Senate. Result: nothing. But a good show.

I will see movies. Some will be good, some bad. I will tell you about them.

Something totally unexpected will get a lot of attention.

Everyone reading Craigorian Chant will have a good year.

Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Craig! Thanks for always keeping me in the loop!