January 30, 2006

Underworld: Evolution

I think I have to create a special genre of movie. It is the Action Movie with a Hot Babe that Craig Goes to See Even Though he Knows it Will be Bad. I'll call them AMHBCGSETKWB's for short. Tomb Raider, Elecktra and now the second Underworld Movie. Every time. I'm such a sucker. Kate Beckinsale is the draw in this case. She's in this marvelous black skintight outfit, which I was pretty sure was made of leather, but now I think is some kind of rubber material. She's pale and pretty and kills lots of things. Frankly, I got no idea what is going on in this movie. I wonder if anybody who made this movie knows. Its vampires and werewolves and lots and lots of blood. Pretty much everybody dies. Except Kate, who really is just too pretty to kill. So very, very pretty. So once again I have watched a movie when I should have know better. Its not like I learned my lesson though. There was trailer for something called UltraViolet staring Milla Jovovich. Sigh. Another AMHBCGSETKWB. I have to work on that acronym.


Larry said...

If you're a Milla fan, I presume The Fifth Element is another AMHBCGSETKWB.

The Craig said...

Generally I consider The Fifth Element to be a AMHBCGSETKWB. But for some reason, several friends, Sci-Fi nerds in good standing, consider the Fifth Element to be a masterwork. I don't think so, but I guess the point is debatable.