January 31, 2006

Trying to Care

So a pure hour of Bush rhetoric and I'm left a bit underwhelmed. I'm not even pissed at much. I think that Kusnet was wrong. Bush eased up on the gas a lot. Or maybe I'm just used to more grrr out of Bush. Bush's mention of the NSA wiretapping program was painful in its evation of basic fact. The line about the "U.S. must kick oil addiction" I will ignore on the grounds that he is in no way serious about doing anything that would hurt oil companies. Bush used the exact same lines about Democracy in the Middle East and somehow completely ignored the Hamas victory in Palestine. That's a pretty big hole in the whole democracy = peace and love theme. No attempt to explain it, all he did just trot out the same lines. That's the LA LA LA can't hear you theory of democracy promotion. Somebody managed to give Cindy Sheehan a ticket to the event, but she was arrested before she could...I wonder what she was going to do? That would have been good television. Also, who the hell let Bush watch The Island of Dr. Moreau right before a big speech? He called for the banning of human/animal hybrids! Is this a pressing concern? The next thing you know, Bush will be calling for the Mutant Registration Act.

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