January 20, 2006

Tech Talk

First the fun tech news. We just lanched a probe to Pluto. Excellent, that will check off all nine planets for up-close pictures. New Horizons is the fastest spacecraft we have ever lanched. Earth to the Moon in nine hours. Even so, its not reaching Pluto till 2015. The mission homepage is full of great stuff.

Now for the scary stuff. The government is now seeking to look at Google's database. As in records of what everyone has searched for, ever. I'm suddenly painfully aware of everything I ever did a search for. Google is fighting this. This is going to be a huge case. All kinds of privacy issues here. Google is trying to get deep in all our lives, and because it's such a useful tool it is succesful. Which means if the government can get into Google, it gets deep into all our lives as well.


Larry said...

In addition to being official timekeeper, you will have to name me the official astronomer.

The idea that there are only nine planets in the solar system is so last year.


Laura said...

Okay, so yesterday in one of my classes we were talking about how easy the internet really does make it for someone wanting to do terrible things to do them. Someone in the class said, "Yeah, you can find the directions to make napalm really easily." So, I checked it out when I got home. Then I saw the news. Great timing, right? I'm such a dork, sometimes.

The Craig said...

A new Planet! Why didn't anybody tell me about this?