January 30, 2006

Live From

ABC's "World News Tonight" anchor Bob Woodruff and cameraman Doug Vogt were badly injured in Iraq by an IED over the weekend. Woodruff is one of two anchors who replaced Peter Jennings. This just underlines that for all the happy talk, Iraq remains the most dangerous place on earth. This story from TNR's Lawrence F. Kaplan does a good job of showing what reporters face trying to cover Iraq.

A much safer place to report from is the World Economic Forum in Davos, Swizerland. Davos is a global gathering of the rich and powerful. Its the kind of place where the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, Bill Gates and the Dali Lama will all appear on the same panel discution together. Craigorian Chant European bureau Chief Chris C-B passes on this blogger who is covering the event. Highlight of Bill Clinton's appearance:

Schwab asked him to give advice to the next president, "who may be sitting in this room, or who may be your wife." Clinton smiled and say: "First of all, in this age of culturally changed circumstances, I should make it clear for the record that Senator McCain and I are not married."

Davos sounds like fun. Soon as this blog get its corporate sponsorship I'm going to go to Davos to blog. I will not be going to Iraq to blog.

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