January 23, 2006

Lacks Subtlety

So now our Governator is getting into trouble with his right wing:

Republican activists disenchanted with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Thursday that they will try to strip the governor of the party's endorsement unless he fires his new chief of staff, Democrat Susan P. Kennedy.

Restive Republicans said they would rally conservatives behind a resolution, to be offered at the state GOP convention in San Jose next month, that may give Schwarzenegger an ultimatum: Dump Kennedy by March 15 or the party will withdraw its backing of his reelection bid.

Susan Kennedy's hire was part of Schwarzenegger's "lurch to the left" strategy that he hopes will save his ass come November. Kennedy is an out lesbian, former Grey Davis staffer and all around liberal. I would just like to say I totally called Schwarzenegger's move to left seven month ago. I don't like to brag, but I don't get these predictions things right that often.

The real problem with Arnold the Governor is that he lacks all subtlety, which you could pretty much guess from his acting career. Blowing things up is not the way a Governor gets things done. His "reform" agenda turned into a pissing match with cops, nurses and other popular unions. Now that his propositions have been beaten, he realizes that California is a liberal state and suddenly moves left and in a way that guarantees that he pisses off California conservatives, who are really the only people that still support him. If he had just stayed the Liberal Republican that he ran as, he could have gotten something done, but now he's just floundering.

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Larry said...

Thanks for the link. Now that I'm exiled to Massachusetts (which has its own misfit governor - how do these guys get elected????), I don't see too much news about the Calif Repubs. Nice to see them imploding.