January 7, 2006

Ode to Galactica

The upside to being down with a cold is that I can skip going out on a Friday night and just embrace the shear nerd joy that is Battlestar Galactica. I missed the first half of the second season with a cable system that didn't have SciFi channel and Netflix's won't help me out till the end of the month. Doesn't matter. This is the most riveting drama on television, full stop. I was right back in it. A second Battlestar has survived and the tactics that it has adopted are horrifying. There will be nothing left of humanity, physically or morally, if they take control of the fleet, but a direct fight will destroy everyone. Really need to know what is going happen next. Great great show.

Bonus cussing feature: Galactica uses "frack" as this universes equivalent of...you can guess. Its a rather fun way of getting all the cussing these characters need to do past the censors. Salon's video dog has highlights.

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