January 11, 2006

Storm Clouds

Alito hearing continues apace today. Reporters are so desperate for fireworks that a "Spat" between Senators Kennedy and Spector is getting top billing. Otherwise the hearings are getting dragged down by overwhelming mass of legal mumbo-jumbo and senatorial Ego. Can we please look into the man's sex life already?

More excitement, and not in a good way, on the international front. Iran is making moves to restart its nuclear program, much to Europe and the US's distress. A lot of factors make our position with Iran very difficult. The price of oil, US forces bogged down in next door Iraq, the US's sorry ass diplomatic standing all make dealing with Iran difficult. There's no military solution for Iran (see US forces, bogged down, Iraq) and diplomacy not exactly this administration's strong suit so pessimism would be healthy here. Kevin Sites, my favorite dude-with-camera-in-trouble-spot, is reporting from Iran right now. Good way to get a street level view of things.

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