January 26, 2006

Oh for a Simple Problem

So I'm watching replays of Bush trying to explain himself with regard to the Palestinian elections. Painful. You can check out some video here. As long as Bush can stick with a simple script he can at least pass as having a brain. The simple script up to this point is "elections are good." Of course, things got complicated as soon as soon as reality brought an election of a terrorist group. Juan Cole, being a professor of Middle Eastern studies, lays it out better than I can.

But the point is, that it's only when things get complex that Bush reveals himself as having the mental capacity of a fern. If the action is simple, like declaring war or giving a stump speech or doing some version of "Me good, you Bad" he functions. Too bad the world is complex. Look, the downside to progress is that problems get harder, because we already solved the "easy" ones.

Polio is cured, we have to deal with AIDS,

We went to the Moon, now its time to go to Mars,

Europe is peaceful, so now solve the Middle East,

and so on. So the world is complex and Bush just can't do complex and so we get failure after failure. If only Bush had a simple problem he might be able to handle it, but the President doesn't get to do the simple stuff. The job just demands more than Bush has to give.

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