January 30, 2006

Ready to Rumble

State of the Union Tuesday night. Of course, tune into Craigorian Chant for the best analysis I can muster. For a good preview tune into David Kusnet who wrote these things for Bill Clinton back in what we now refer to as "the good old days."

Kusnet point is to expect a rather partisan, combative speech. None of that sweeping, city on a hill crap. Bush is at last stand time. Not only does he need to pick a fight, he needs to pick a fight he can win. Nothing seems a certain winner. Wiretaps, the Iraq War, even this health savings accounts thing, all of them are going to get worked over this year. Its not clear that Bush is going to get a clear win on any of them. Alito is going to be a win. The dems couldn't muster the votes for a filibuster today. Which means the simple math is that Alito gets the cool black robes. But the victory lap will be short. The news from Iraq is terrible, Iran is problem that's not going away, and the bomb that is Jack Abramoff has more victims to claim.

Bring me the head of John Doolittle!

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