January 3, 2006

Good Start

Jack Abramoff copped a plea deal today. Lighter sentence for cooperation with the Feds. That's a deal that makes for some sweaty palms in a lot of Congressional offices. As we all learned from Law and Order these cases go up and the only fish bigger than Jack are people that get addressed as "The honorable gentleman from Ohio." Jack Abramoff reminds me of Hollywood's version of an evil lobbyist. Like the characters that Eddie Murphy scams in The Distinguished Gentleman or the bad guys that James Stewart faces down in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Abramoff even had on a black trench coat and black fedora going out of the courthouse today, just in case you were wondering who the villain of the piece was. There are parts of this story that actually resemble an Elmore Leonard novel what with casino deals gone bad and mob hits. This one will talked about all year.

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