January 12, 2006

Studies Show

Here's a fun afternoon at work activity. Studies show that over 7% of people drink at work. Now in my building that means that about 5 people are on the sauce right now.

Start a pool. Can you guess which of your co-workers are drinking? Who was drunk in that last meeting? The study shows people usually drink at lunch, so the afternoon is your time. This could really help fill up your day.

Beats working

1 comment:

Tyler said...

Interesting.....but I do find it hard to believe that 210 of my co-workers are drunk at work.....

Having said that however, I usually go out with a group for lunch every week. If we end up going on a Friday, we'll usually have a couple beers.

Hmmmm, so maybe I, personally, have been over the 0.08 blood alcohol limit at times.....We'll that's really no big deal because I usually take a nap after lunch anyway. Besides, how can being drunk affect the quality of a targeting map? No biggie....