February 1, 2006

Personal Experience

The best antidote to conservative policy is personal experience. I can cite a long list of "principal" conservatives who abandon their conservative principals the as soon as a personal experience teaches them different. Dick Cheney is notable absent from advocating against gay marriage. Why? His daughter is gay. Nasty old Strom Thurmond was all for regulating the alcohol industry because he lost a granddaughter to a drunk driver. The latest is pro-tort reform Trent Lot discovering that he does, in fact, love lawsuits when Katrina destroyed a house of his and the insurance company is wiggling out of paying up.

In that vane, that always attentive Chris alerts us to a program to buy your Senator an I-pod. The idea being that if we give all the 70-something Senators some experience with digital music they are much less likely to do the biding of the MPAA and RIAA and adopt measures that screw digital music users.

The major philosophical point to take from all of this is that conservatism as a philosophy is a load of bunk. Even its most ardent believer will abandon it in a heartbeat the moment reality hits them in the eyes.

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