February 6, 2006

Will No One Rid Me of this Troublesome Congressman?

So more and more and dirt is coming out on John Doolittle. (R-CA Foothills) TPM's The Daily Muck feature should just be called the Daily Doolittle (Actually, I think they already made that crack). The latest episode has Doolittle steering a 37 million dollar contract to the same defense contractor that bought off the lamentable Duke Cunningham. (R-Folsom Prison)

Now John Doolittle is a bit of a white whale for me. There are two ways he goes down. First the Duke way: In handcuffs, with lots of tears and "I'm so sorry to everyone I've hurt."

The second way is actually much more emotionally satisfying and thus, much harder to get. Somebody just has to beat this guy. Now normally, considering the type of district, contemplating the strategy of a run at Mr Doolittle goes like this:

How would you beat him?

With a stick, while he was in bed, asleep. But in an election? Noooo.

But with a new revelations coming out every day, some hope is starting to enter the picture. The sweet smell of opportunity mixed in with the stench of corruption. The next question is, who is going to do the beating?

Enter Charlie Brown. I'm not kidding. Charles D. Brown, Lt. Colonel, USAF Retired is running against Doolittle. He's been featured among Daily's Kos and Air America's Fighting Dems. You can hear to him here. All of a sudden this isn't an impossible dream. Brown says interesting things, has a compelling bio, the Donkey's are set for a good year nationally, and John Doolittle doesn't seem to realize that he might be in trouble. It will take a perfect storm to unseat Doolittle. But a perfect storm may be coming.

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Anonymous said...

Charlie Brown has one unimpressive website. There's a moderate Repub challenging Doolittle - that's the only way Doolittle's going down. There are Repubs and other conservatives in that district who would just about do anything besides cast a vote for a liberal democrat.