February 5, 2006

Super Duper

Any team that has a wide receiver throw a 43-yard touchdown pass on trick play deserves to win the game.

I think the commercials were dull enough this year that we can turn down the "Super Bowl of Commerials" hype a few notches. Its only been an hour and I'm trying to remember some ads. Which means that they were pretty forgettable. I liked the the Fed Ex caveman one and the Bud Light "Magic Fridge" ad.

The Dove ad about self-esteem in girls was really striking and touching and not at all what I expected in a Superbowl Ad. I have this theory that a grand conspiracy exists between the media and their Mothers to mess with the heads of women and give them screwed up ideas about their bodies. So if the small Dove Soap-sponsored corner of the media will help out, I'm all for it.

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Tyler said...


You're forgetting about the Ameriquest Commercials. Remember the one in the hospital with the EKG machine? Where he zaps a fly with one of the pads and the fly lands on the man in the bed. At that moment he says "that killed him" right when the patients wife and daughter walk in. That was hilarious!

As for the Dove "Natural Beauty" raise girls self esteem ads...They can't hurt, but they'll need to do a lot more work in that area to get just 1/10th of one percent of women to NOT think their ass is too big. Every woman in America thinks they're fat. No exceptions.