February 14, 2006

Friendly Fire

I was going to do something serious on retirement and Social Security or Hamas but the Vice-President of the United States shot a guy in the face. With a gun. I can't let this go. There's something for everyone in this story.

For you conspiracy nuts out there please note that it took the White House 22 hours to tell anyone about the shooting. I can only assume that they were coming up with and rejecting plans to either dispose of the body and/or make it look like someone else did the shooting.

For you history buffs out there please note that Cheney is the second Vice-President to shoot someone while in office. Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel in 1804. Burr was later tried and acquitted of treason in a plan to carve out an Empire in North America with Burr as its leader. So Cheney is not, historically speaking, the most evil Vice-President ever.

For political junkies, you can delight in the pathetic spin coming from the White House. The two best lines of spin: We were too busy treating the victim to let anybody know and getting shot in the face, not that bad.

And absolutely everyone can have fun with what the Daily Show can do with this. Video Here.


jess said...

Did you also catch that he was hunting without the proper "stamps?" Apparently you have to buy a $7 stamp allowing you to hunt quail in the area. He was given a warning ... ;)

Larry said...

Why would anyone expect Cheney to start obeying the law now?