February 6, 2006

Tapped Out

You know I'm starting to question the truthfulness of Attorney General Gonzales. The first hint was went he began his testimony before Congress today on the NSA wiretapping issue and was not sworn in. He skipped the whole "what I tell the committee today will the truth, the whole truth...etc, etc, etc." Now, why would they do such a thing? Perhaps because his opening statement included the statement "The terrorist surveillance program is necessary, it is lawful and it respects the civil liberties we all cherish." To which I say no, no and no. Speaking of Tapped here they are demanding that the GOP Congress do something about this, for no other reason than to protect their own power:

High-minded concerns aside, you would think that members would care more about the institutional prerogatives of the Congress. After all, if the executive branch can just take money that Congress has given them and spend it in ways that violate laws Congress has passed, and then show up in hearings and just assert that Congress authorized things it plainly never did, then who cares about members of Congress? Who's going to bother to bribe them or toady up to them? Who's going to fear their wrath?

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