February 22, 2006


It's really too bad that whenever I'm in the gym trying to use the cross-country ski thing, Olympic cross-country skiing is never on the bank of 10 TV's my gym comes with. Now that would be inspirational. Instead last night it was figure skating.

I've decided that watching skiers and snowboarders crash is a lot more fun than watching figure skaters crash. I think it's because the former get helmets. Also, the latter seem just so damn fragile, both physically and emotionally. But the flying tomato was right - Sasha Cohen, worth crushing on.

I'm fascinated with the different names that snowboarders and skaters call their spins. The flying tomato does a "1080" or a "720". Cohen does a "triple" or a "double." Why is it that the "hey man" world of 'boarders use geometry and the ice diva's jumps sound like special hamburger orders? I'll have a Triple Lutz, extra cheese. Why do I get the feeling that Cohen is the one who pays attention in math class, while the tomato is more of the hamburger expert.

This is the last Cheney shoots a guy in a face link I'm putting up (today) Al Franken jokes.

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Tovya @ Zion Report said...

I can tell you that I have crashed both snowboarding and ice skating... and the ice hurts a lot worse than the snow. but technically when you are going super fast down a 70 degree slope, the snow is heck of a lot more dangerous (and scary) though. :-)