February 13, 2006

Olympic Fun

Every four years I suddenly rediscover that speed skater have gigantic legs. I always forget and its always a surprise when I watch the first race.

Magic bandana. So there's this goofy looking kid with the unlikely nick-name of the "flying tomato." But when he puts a American flag bandana over his face like a desperado he starts looking like a real bad-ass. Also, he gains the ability to fly. Its a magic bandana.

Next up: Curling! Check out this red hot on-ice action:

It was tied 3-3 in the fifth when Fenson curled around a guarding stone, knocked Norway out of the scoring area and left three American rocks closest to the middle. That's three points. Norway closed to 6-5 with two in the sixth and was setting up for a big score in the seventh when U.S. vice skip Shawn Rojeski executed a perfect three-stone takeout.

"We had tried the same thing the previous throw and just missed it," Rojeski said. "John came down and gave me a little fire-upper."

Rojeski hit one guard stone into another and the second knocked a Norwegian rock right out of the middle of the target. A small section in the crowd started chanting "USA!" giving the team its first real taste of the Olympics.

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