February 19, 2006

Mere urd Danmark

Erin of Denmark (Not to be confussed with Erin of Oahu or the other Erins who read/comment here) has some more to add:

The Jyllandsposten has done some investigating and uncovered four companies which have agreements with countries in the middle east to boycott Israel in exchange for contracts allowing them to import Danish goods. One of these is Arla, the milk-product giant who took the biggest beating in the arab boycott due to the cartoon issue. In Arla's defense, the company only agreed not to produce any goods in Israel and any goods that would be delivered to these arab countries would be on ships that would not dock in Israel. Arla still imports its goods to Israel, just on separate boats, I guess. This type of boycotting business is apparently illegal in the US, so no US company can sign any of these type of agreements. Anyway, that story just broke this morning (front page of the sunday edition) so I haven't found any reports in english on it from any other news source.

And as for corrections: apparently the Danish government hasn't *denied* muslims the right to build a mosque, they just haven't been allowed to build one *yet*. I guess this means that when Denmark now will be pressured into allowing the building of the mosque, they can claim that they weren't forced into it, it's just that the correct forms were finally correctly filled in or something. And my guess that the JP was read by only 300,000 people was a little low, according to statistics 600,000 people read it. But it *is* the most widely read paper (that isn't free), they send out 150,000 copies a day. Sounds like only a few people, but the total population of Denmark is only 5.2 million. So it's a big paper.

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Tovya @ Zion Report said...

Yeah I read that same article in the JP and posted a story about it over at my blog too... (It seems as though we were one of the few as well)