February 15, 2006

Can't Argue

I guess there are some advantages to being a loose cannon:

Congress appeared ready to launch an investigation into the Bush administration's warrantless domestic surveillance program last week, but an all-out White House lobbying campaign has dramatically slowed the effort and may kill it, key Republican and Democratic sources said yesterday.


They attributed the shift to last week's closed briefings given by top administration officials to the full House and Senate intelligence committees, and to private appeals to wavering GOP senators by officials, including Vice President Cheney. "It's been a full-court press," said a top Senate Republican aide who asked to speak only on background -- as did several others for this story -- because of the classified nature of the intelligence committees' work.

I guess members of Congress can no longer say no to Cheney because he will shoot them if they do. Seriously, are GOP Senators going to just lay down and take it? Don't they realise this administration is weak? That they need some distance from them?

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larry said...

It just proves once again that the phrase "moderate Republican" is one of the most obvious oxymorons of our time.