February 2, 2006


The House Republicans picked a new Majority Leader today to replace former leader Tom Delay (R-Evil) After a initial vote where more votes were cast than member were present, things had to be redone. The GOP has settled on John Boehner (R-OH) to lead them. Not sure how to say Boehner's name or what he stands for but I'm guessing I'll hate him and everything he stands for.

Speaking of leadership, my unbridled admiration for Bono continues. He spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast:

Speaking to President Bush and members of Congress at the National Prayer Breakfast, the U2 front man said it's unjust to keep poor people from selling their goods while singing the virtues of the free market, to hold children to ransom for the debts of their grandparents and to withhold medicines that would save lives.

"God will not accept that," he said. "Mine won't. Will yours?"

Bono's speech riveted the ballroom audience that included the president and first lady and leaders from Congress, the Cabinet, the military, the clergy and countries from around the world. At every table, Bono had distributed white plastic bracelets from The ONE Campaign to fight AIDS and poverty, and Sen. Hillary Clinton was among those who wrapped it around her fingers while she listened.

UPDATE: Thanks Slate. We now know that is prononced "Bay-ner." Rhymes with "explainer" Deep down you were kind of hoping it rhymed with "stoner" didn't you?

UPDATE PART 2: I do hate him and everything he stands for.

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