February 24, 2006

Yeah Friday

Once again, I did late night fake cross country skiing while watching figure skating. Is it odd that the fact that Sasha Cohen is clearly a basket case makes her no less appealing to me? Still, good job picking up the silver despite being completely in your head, you Saucy Little Minx.

I just started working on a movie script about a budding love affair between a uptight figure skater and a layed back snowboarder, set against the backdrop of the Olympics. I'm calling it The Cutting Edge 2.

Ashutosh, official former roommate of Craigorian Chant, wishes to education everyone on US-India relations. Bush is going to India in March. You can read about policy here and the security of the trip here.

Something I noticed about the new wave of Iraq violence: US troops are staying out of it.

Thousands of untested, U.S.-trained Iraqi police and troops blocked roads across Baghdad and surrounding regions as U.S. patrols, widely resented by both sides, kept a low profile.

Wouldn't leaving lower our troops profile even more? Why are they even there if they are "widely resented by both sides" and can't do any good?

Here come the weekend!

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