February 28, 2006

Big Day

Today is the day that Supreme Court watchers have been looking forward to for a long time. With two new members, they now face a critical case. Its not abortion or the NSA wiretapping or gay marriage. The critical issue today is does Anna Nicole Smith inherit her late husband's millions. She's in court today for oral arguments. I really don't understand. Add some blond bada boom and suddenly a case about probate law and State-Federal jurisdiction and suddenly everyone is paying attention. Previous Anna/SCOTUS post here.

Justice for Anna!

UPDATE: As always the best source for a write-up of red hot Supreme Court action is Dahlia Lithwick:

Kent L. Richland, arguing on Anna's behalf, is exactly the sort of silver-haired, silver-tongued guy you'd have cast in the reality show. He doesn't appear to be flapped, even when Justice Antonin Scalia wonders, just moments into his presentation of an argument far broader than the one he needs to make: "Do you want to stand on that position or do you have a lesser position? One that might cause you to win?"
It seems cruel to report that Anna Nicole then stood and exited the courtroom, leaving the building by a side door and again granting no interviews. I would love to tell you that she did something, anything, to distinguish herself from the thousands of appellants who have brought their cases into these marble walls. But the court has worked its magical spell of blandness, even upon Anna, and she is just another litigant with a probate dispute today. She has stepped into the only place in America where her breasts have no power.

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