February 16, 2006

Fortune and Glory

There's a good story in New York magazine on the hierarchy of blogs. Basically there are a few super-popular blogs, the A-list, who get all the hits and money, some smaller blogs, the B-list which get a share of popularity and $. Then there is the great big mass of C-list blogs, toiling away, waiting for there big break. (That would be this blog, but we do have occational dilutions of being on the B-list) The best way to break into the top ranks seem to be either 1. Get there first or 2. Blog about who Paris Hilton is sleeping with. Gawker which does gossip, pulls in somewhere between one and two million a year in ad money. Despite the temptation, I will remain a high-minded place for discussing the issues of the day. And West Wing cast members in bikinis. And the Vice President shooting someone in the face.

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