May 17, 2006

Ah Ha!

I knew it! This magic story confirms its. Putting the National Guard on the border was an idea that came from Bill and six months ago even Michael Chertoff, the head of homeland security thought it was a stupid idea:

In December of 2005, Fox News talking head Bill O’Reilly floated an unlikely — even brash — idea to the Homeland Security secretary to seal off the porous southwest border.

“Why don’t you put the National Guard on the border to back up the border patrol and stop the bleeding, and then start to increase the Border Patrol, the high-tech and all of that?” O’Reilly asked.

Michael Chertoff, in those relatively calmer days before mass pro-immigration rallies, heated immigration reform politics in the Senate and cellar-dwelling opinion polls for President Bush, dismissed the idea out of hand.

“Well, the National Guard is really, first of all, not trained for that mission,” Chertoff told O’Reilly. “I mean, the fact of the matter is the border is a special place. There are special challenges that are faced there.”

Chertoff added that that it would take a huge amount of National Guard troops, that they would need new training. But couldn’t the National Guard pull it off, O’Reilly asked?

“I think it would be a horribly over-expensive and very difficult way to manage this problem,” Chertoff said. “Unless you would be prepared to leave those people in the National Guard day and night for month after month after month, you would eventually have to come to grips with the challenge in a more comprehensive way.”

Look, Bill is an entertainer. He is there to be bombastic, to give the right some read meat and Keith Olberman a target. He is not there to put forth serious ideas about how this Nation should be run. In fact, he puts out ideas that can't be used, just so he can rail about how the stupid system isn't doing the right thing. For the love of Shakira, do not take the man seriously!

UPDATE: Case in point.

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