May 1, 2006

Counting Down the West Wing

Just two more episodes left (Sniff) I'm going to award Michael Tomasky of TAP partial credit for his prediction that Santos would make Vinec Vice-President. The show gave us a great big head-fake in that direction, but the gig Santos ended up offering was Secretary of State, which requires a lot less magical thinking to believe. Both Clinton and Kennedy had Republican Secretaries of Defense. What actually requires a suspension of disbelief is the idea that there are Republicans out there with non-insane Foreign policy thinking. For example, check out William Kristol's short little sneer at Diplomatic efforts with Iran. Kristol is one the leading intellects of the conservative movement and he seems to think that the whole point of US foreign policy is to get into wars. Funny, I though the point of diplomacy was to prevent wars. Silly me.

PS Tomasky does more than West Wing predictions, check out this article for some big-think "Future of the Democratic Party and of the Republic."

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