May 25, 2006

Lost. Completely Lost.

Don't read this if you're one of those TiVo types.

Sheesh, they are just messing with my mind on this show. I'm going to spend the summer wondering about the statue with four toes.

Ok, so it turns out that pushing the button did matter. I've been in the "stop pushing the button" camp all season. Like Locke, I was wrong.

But I still want to make the case for science in the shows "science v faith" debate. How did Desmond find out that the button mattered? By poring over sheets and sheets of data and then matching it up with observed phenomenon (The crash) to support a hypothesis (holy crap! The button matters! We are all going to die!). That is called science my friend.

I'm telling you it all about science. All the island stuff is caused by magnates, or something. Some very rational natural stuff is behind it all, I'm sure. The guys in Anarctica with all the instruments have it all figured out, I'm sure.

Oh and I love how the Others consider themselves the "good guys." Everybody thinks that they are the good guys. No one wakes up in the morning and says "how am I going to do evil today?"

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Anonymous said...

Unless you're Dr. Evil... (mwah-ha-ha-ha).