May 1, 2006

Call it a Day

May Day has turned out to be very busy. First off, it's the three year anniversary of the "Mission accomplished" Bush lands on a carrier stunt. Relevant numbers can be found here.

Steve Colbert left nobody untouched in a take-no-prisoners appearance at the White House Correspondents' Dinner over the weekend. The level of funny to be found in the performance is subject to an ideological test. The performance was found to be funny by liberals and not-funny by conservatives. Funny is one of those things that's impossible to prove or disprove. I say take a look, and decide for yourself.

Today was also the "Day Without Immigrants." rallies and walk-outs held across the County including near Craigorian Chant World Headquaters. The Craigorian Chant video feed is currently down, so just go to CNN to get your video.

And finally, Anna Nicole Smith was victorious in her appeal to the US Supreme Court.

Whew. That's a day.

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