May 2, 2006

Is this the Right Room for an Argument?

Sheesh, I step out for one minute and the next thing I know, the kids are fighting, the furniture is wrecked and calls of "fascist" and "communist" are echoing through the halls. Keep up the good work.

The problem with the type of stats that Tyler cites is that the underling assumption is that the money we spend on educating or medically treating undocumented workers is completely wasted. It's not. The result of that spending is better educated and healthier people. Those people are able to be more productive, grow the economy and add to the tax base. Those taxes are then spent on more education and health care. To say that social services are wasted on illegal is to say that all social service spending is wasted.

A lot of these numbers need some context. If illegals make up 5% or 10% or 25% of the population (Depends on which City, which State), then they will be 5% or 25% of the people in the ER or in jail. They will also be 5%-25% of the child molesters and the people who get into hit and run accidents. They will also be 5% to 20% of the people who give to charity, rescue kittens from trees, or run into burning orphanages to rescue kids. We can play this game all day. Illegals are both good and bad for society. I think more good than bad and that we can increase the good by allowing them to become citizens.

Personally, I hope that Tom Tancredo (Tyler's author) runs for President like he has said he would. A few months of him screaming about how we are being overrun by the invading brown child molesters will have Latinos voting for Democrats for a generation.

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