May 9, 2006

How to

This is funny. Its a how to guide to making a zombie movie, based on the lessons learned by a 13 year-old who just finished her first picture:

Research: Basically research zombie movies and see as many as you can. Learn the general rules of zombie movies -- gore and...mostly gore. Also, no running zombies. As George Romero says, they are dead. They shouldn't be running around.

Start pre-production: Decide your cast and crew. I recommend auditions. Auditions are the best. People who show up for auditions will show up for the shoot. Do script read-throughs, that kind of thing. Don't hire your friends. Your friends won't take your direction seriously and they won't show up. I kind of lost some friends over that.

Give clear direction: When you watch a lot of zombie movies you figure out what kind of zombies you want in your film. There are different looks and styles. The zombies in my movie wanted to stick their arms out, but I told them to stop doing that, and you have to get them to move slow.

Go read it all. If she doesn't win a Oscar by age 17, I will be sorely disappointed.

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Reel Fanatic said...

That is indeed funny, funny stuff ... I plan to quit my rather dreary job and start making zombie movies immediately!