May 23, 2006

Don't be Sorry for Being Right

A odd thing happened to the Dixie Chicks. Suddenly buying their music has turned into some kind of Test for the Nation:

Whether the Dixie Chicks recover their sales luster or not, the choice of single has turned their album release into a referendum. Taking the Long Way's existence is designed to thumb its nose at country's intolerance for ideological hell raising, and buying it or cursing it reveals something about you and your politics--or at least your ability to put a grudge above your listening pleasure. And however you vote, it's tough to deny that by gambling their careers, three Texas women have the biggest balls in American music.

That's from the Time cover story. They are getting all kinds of media these days. Keep in mind that the Chick's "sin" was to be right about President Bush, and now not to apologize for it. In a just world, Country music should be on its belly, begging the Chick's forgiveness.

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