May 29, 2006


Craigorian Chant's Guide to attending the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee.

1. Don't look at me like that. Jazz can be cool. Swing.

2. Fine, then think of it as the Spinich of music. It's good for you.

3. Tickets to the venues are very expensive, especially if you are still paying off student loans and are waiting for you Blog advertising check to arrive.

4. The Jubilee can be done on the cheep. A lot of venues are tents or outdoor stages. The music travels far. Just wander slowly around Old Towne and you will hear alot.

5. There are places to sit and hear music for free. A pizza joint was hosting pick-up jam sessions. This 16 year old clarient player was going off. Mop-hair, pale as a ghost. But when he did his solo, he would turn bright red.

6. The crowd is older than other music crowds, but just as drunk. Do your best to fit in.

7. Have fun.

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