May 5, 2006

There's a Lesson Here

Look Here:

Two voting-age sons of a northern Ohio candidate didn't go to the polls Tuesday, and their father's race ended in a tie.

William Crawford, trying to retain his seat on the central committee of the Erie County Democratic Party, and challenger Jean Miller each received 43 votes in the primary balloting.

Officials plan to conduct a recount, but the race may have to be settled by coin flip, said David Giese, the county's Democratic Party chairman and an elections board member.

You know the lesson. Anyone? That's right, its important to vote. For the sake of family tranquility. Also, elections ties in Ohio are settled by coin toss. That's an interesting fact as well.

We are now one month away from the California Primary. Go get registered. Remember, if you have moved, you need to reregister.

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