May 30, 2006

Storm Warning

Word is going out on Capitol Hill and that word is "Brace Yourself."

Congress is getting advanced warning on the fallout from an apparent massacure of Iraqi civillians in the town of Haditha by US Marines. Its going to be really, really bad.

The other warning going out is that GOP political operatives are warning that Democrat Francine Busby is about to win the normally safe GOP House Seat that poor old Duke Cunningham used to hold. If that happens it will be a huge sign that GOP is about to lose control of Congress.

A storm is coming.


larry said...

Bring it on!

jess said...

lucky me ... I get to vote for busby on tuesday.

oh, and did you hear? McCain was supposed to come to SD to fund raise for her opponent, "let's build the great wall to our south" bilbray. (and let me note that the district does NOT border mexico. It's in the northern and richer part of sd county). However, bilbray's been bashing busby big time because she's come out in support of mccain's immigration bill. So, yesterday, mccain canceled. makes me smile :)