May 26, 2006


Kevin Drum points me in the direction of a Charles Krauthammer piece knocking direct negotiations with Iran.

Its really clear that Krauthhammer really wants to go to war with Iran. His great fear is negociations that would resolve the nuclear issue, but leave the Iranian regime in place.

Krauthhammer is a leading foreign policy voice in this country. He has a regular column in the Washington Post, in Time magazine and a regular seat on Fox News. He used all these forums to push for the Iraq War. What kind of man sits in the ruins of Iraq and asks for more?

The trick now is to short-circuit the debate by skipping strait to the war question. Do you want war with Iran? Krauthhammer and his fellows will try and lead the debate there, but only after a long, tricky path, filled with Iran as Nazi Germany metaphors and negociation equals appeasement and all kinds of well-crafted lies. We should just skip all that and get right to question. Why do you want to go to war with Iran?

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Laney said...

Krauthammer is trying to start a war against an enemy of Israel. He has done this before. Anyone who notices will be called an anti-semitic conspiracy theorist.