May 7, 2006

Inside Baseball

So I was flipping channels on the Sunday Morning shows, hoping to hear the some stuffy Congressman discuss the possibility that the just-resigned CIA Director was tied to a prostitution ring, but came away disappointed.

However, there was something interesting in the not-sex nerdy politics file. The GOP Chair of the House Intelligence committee Peter Hoekstra went on record as being strongly opposed to Gen. Michael Hayden taking the CIA job. Hayden used to be head of the NSA and was the guy in charge of the controversial warrentless wiretapping program. (By controversial I mean "violates the law, violates the US Constitution, evil abuse of power") Now Hoekstra's objection to Hayden isn't wiretapping, its that a military guy won't keep the CIA independent of the Pentagon. A good point. But the real point is that Bush is catching real flack from his own party on Defense and Security matters.

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