May 1, 2006

"A Day Without an Illegal Immigrant!?....Can we extend that?"

I wouldn't mind extending this whole "day without an illegal immigrant" thing. Could anyone see some positives living in an America without illegals?

But if
illegal aliens all took the day off and were truly invisible for one day, there would be some plusses along with the mild inconveniences.

*Hospital emergency rooms across the southwest would have about 20-percent fewer patients...

*Youth gangs would see their membership drop by 50 percent in many
states, and in Phoenix, child-molestation cases would drop by 34 percent and auto theft by 40 percent.

*Colorado’s K-12 school classrooms would have 131,000 fewer students if illegal aliens and the children of illegals were to stay home...

Just a day!? Why not 20 years or forever? And Tancredo mainly addressing Colorado in this article. Think of the changes in California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico.......Wow.


Laura said...

Yes, you're right Tyler, think of the changes it would make, instead of paying a buck and a quarter for an avocado, we could pay twice that, sounds good. Not to mention the crisis it would cause as lower wage earning Americans would lose their child care because the middle class would lose their Mexican nannies and have to fill up the daycare centers.

Oh, and the idea of all those poverty-stricken Mexicans living in shanty towns in Mexico city certainly warms my heart, particularly when I recall the last earthquake in Mexico city and how it devestated the city. Here's a more humane idea, why don't we just line them up against a wall and shoot them now, save them the horror of watching their children starve to death.

Tyler said...

Oh come on Laura.....

First of all, you're not going to pay DOUBLE for produce. Over the course of a MONTH you might pay $10 more for fruits and vegetables, and thats a small price to pay for Americans getting those jobs over illegals with an 8th grade education.

The price change would be so freaking small because that production would be replaced by production in other Mexico and supplemented in the USA by legal American workers. You would see the same price or only slightly higher for lettuce, avacodoes, etc. Not double! Think about that for a second....

Secondly, the middle class could hire American citizens to care for their childeren. We would find a way. Many people could fill such a job and many citizen would want to. Besides, that'd be great if mothers who lost their illegal nannies had to "fill up the daycare centers"---it would give that legal American citizen who owned the day care business more money!! I hardly think thats a "crisis."

Third, why are you more concerned about illegal aliens than your fellow American citizens? Look at the long term impact of letting in huge amounts of poorly educated people who drive down wages force American childeren to sit in over crowded class rooms and wait in over crowded hospitals. What about the victims of gangs made up of mostly illegal immigrants? What about the billions in increased welfare costs we have to pay?

Yes immigration makes it possible for both large and small companies to hire cheap labor, and provides the upper middle class with low wage nannies and gardners. But it costs us $10 billion a year!

We need to think of the well being of our current citizens over that of illegals. I want whats best for America and its people, not immigrants who broke the law to work for $5 an hour in Glendale, Arizona.

And thats a nice tatic: Implying I want to see millions of parents murdered in a Nazi/Gestapo-style genocide. That's typical of you. You prefer to dismiss me rather than debate me. As if your denial of the long term effects of immigration gives you a moral high ground. People who actually speak openly about immigration are to be pushed aside because we're not suppose to address sensitive subjects. And that exactly what you tried to do with that little comment.

Why do you always reply to me with across the board emotion?

Seriously, do you even care about American citizens? Or are you just using illegal immigrants (and your views on immigration) as pawns in your game of trying to prove you have this higher moral status?

Laura said...

Goodness....where to begin?

First of all, somehow magically ridding ourselves of all illegal immigrants wouldn't save this country from the problems it faces in terms of overcrowded classrooms and emergency rooms. Immigrants are a minority and illegals are an even smaller part of that minority. The simple truth is that illegals are scape-goats for people like yourself who don't want to look at the real problems. The real problems are that Americans refuse to pay taxes high enough to properly fund education and health care.

Furthermore, our idiot president has gotten us neck deep into a war we cannot win, but must continue to pay through the nose for. Isn't it odd that this increase in the uproar of illegals directly coincides with the fall in popularity of the GOP and the war in Iraq? For once the president and I agree on something, however. Even that idiot can see the benefits, both economic and humanitarian, in a guest worker program or some sort of amnesty.

Do you really think that removing the 7 million or so illegals that subsist in this country would change any of that? Of course it wouldn't. Furthermore, do you think that if said illegals had equal opportunities in their own countries, they'd live the half-lives they are forced to live here? Spending every day in fear that Homeland Security is going to raid their workplace, unable to obtain driver's licenses and at the mercy of unethical employers who take advantage of their illegal status? They are here because they don't see an alternative. And though you've made it perfectly clear you are unconcerned about the plight of the poverty stricken world wide, it is a problem and one that we can and should address.

And yes, I have sympathy for my fellow Americans. But we aren't losing jobs to the illegals. Illegals do the jobs we won't do. Would you or anyone you know pick fruit for $5 an hour in the sweltering sun...of course not. And as for the idea of Americans simply paying other Americans for daycare, I can simply say that even if I didn't know you didn't have children, that would have given you away. Daycare centers are already overcrowded and impossible to find for poor and lower class families. Now, if we send all those Mexican nannies home, it isn't the middle class that suffers, though they are the ones who lose the nannies, it's the poor and lower middle class who suffer. Daycare is already priced out of the range of most working poor families, increase the demand and it will be impossible for these families to work because they won't be able to pay for daycare.

And we should give a damn about what happens to the poor in other countries. Aside from looking out for our own selfish interests, it is just plain evil to not give a damn that other people are starving for lack of Americans wanting to have them in our borders. That's wrong as far as I'm concerned, and it's a shame that so many people feel the way you do and don't care about their fellow human beings.

And I never implied that you wanted to see them murdered in a Nazi style genocide. I implied that you had no concern for their suffering. I could apologize for using sarcasm to make my point, but such an apology would be insincere. You don't seem to care if these people starve to death, so
long as you don't have to wait a minute longer than necessary in the ER.

And yes, I care about illegal immigration. My step-father (who I admittedly don't much care for) was just deported since he was living here illegally for 20 years. As a result my mother (who I care for quite a bit) was faced with two options, leave her own country to live with her husband of 11 years or stay in her country and lose her husband. She chose her husband, as I suspect most people would. Immigration laws make it unfairly difficult for anyone without tons of money and influence to immigrate to this country, regardless of the reasons they want to come here.

And to use the tired old cliches, Tyler, none of us would be here if it weren't for immigrants, and you can argue all you want that your ancestors came legally so it's different. But it was a hell of a lot easier to immigrate then, you didn't have to wait ten years to be approved. America is supposed to be about opportunity.

hirnstrom said...

Please keep in mind it's not the illegal people that drive down wages / social standards etc, they only respond to an obviously existing demand for low-skilled labor. What runs things down for the rest of us is that they aren't given legal status and consequently almost no rights. It is just so hard for an unskilled citizen to compete against someone who will never (have the position to) protest.

Tyler said...

First off I'll address the Belgian guy.

Ok so whats the solution? Wouldn't not having illegals solve that demand problem you're talking about? Think about it.

For one its the fact that the US has been giving out countless thousands of green cards with no method of selecting who comes in is partly why we have so many unskilled laborer here. The other reason being of course, that we are letting in so many illegally by not enforcing our borders. There is such a demand for low skilled labor because the US just lets them come in businesses snatch them all up!

This is America. If we have such a great county then we shouldn't be letting just anyone come in. Think about it Belgian guy, partly what makes some of Americas institutions so great is that they DON'T let just anyone in. Look schools like Stanford and Princeton,---companies like Google and Microsoft, etc. The line to get in at those places is long and they don't take just anyone. If we controled the borders and were more selective of who entered our country we wouldn't have those unskilled illegals.

Why should people who come into this county illegally be given citizen rights? Thats not fair and it diverts resources from American citizens.

If we reform the current state of immigration we'll have americans filling the jobs illegals have now.

Ok, you go back to your favorite activity: preparing and consuming waffles.

As for Laura....

Look, significantly limiting illegal immigration WOULD alleviate overcrowding in schools and hospitals in states where its a problem. And illegals aren't scape goats. They're criminals. I'm not saying they should be thrown in jail, but they committed a crime by coming here. An illegal should not be given resources American citizens are entitled to.

The Iraq war has nothing to do with immigration Laura.

Its not America's job to give access to the planet's poor. We're not the world's homeless shelter or orphanage or prison.

You don't sound like you have sympathy for Americans you just sound pretty smug in your lecturing of me that I don't have sympathy for non-Americans.

So let me get this straight, we should just let everyone who suffers into this country? Hey lets bring all the Darfur refugees here, and the north koreans and the....

The point is: America first! We aren't going to deport the 12 million illegals alreayd here, just won't happen. But we need to STOP letting them in at such a high rate then we'll see all the problems we've talked about subside.

How did we get along before massive illegal immigration? Who did those jobs? Oh yeah, it was American citizens....And how does Finland manange without illegal immigration?

That tired cliche' about illegals "doing jobs Americans won't do" is such a bunch of crap. We've done them before and if we had not illegals we'd do them again for higher wages! Do you think that by not having millions of illegal uneducated retail, construction and ag workers that the most powerfull country the world has ever seen will just suddenly fall to its knees? We can find janitors, we can find land scapers and hotel workers.

That stunt the illegals pulled yesterday was kind of silly if you think about it. Of course if millions of people just stop working things will come to a hault. But come on...what if all the software engineers and computer progamers in America walked out? Or Dept. of Defense employees or urban planners? or college professors and high school teachers? You'd have a more substantial economic disruption.

You can't compare immigration now with Ellis Island immigration because they weren't looking for hand outs. There was no social welfare system back then.

One thing I must say though is you sure have to hand it to Americans. Are we not the most patient, forgiving, tolerant people on the face of the earth!?

Think about it: Millions of illegals came here unlawfully, are taking advantage of our health care, education system, welfare, system, filling up our prisons and competing for jobs with the worst off of American citizens, taken advantage of loop holes by having babies here who then become citizens, they've forced Americans to spend large amounts on bilingual ballots, spanish translators at many government agencies, they've paved the way for drug dealers and terrorists to come here...

And after all this its the illegal immigrants who are protesting against America?

Wow, we're just sitting back and taking this? Why aren't Americans protesting?

It's the obligation of our elected officials to think of american's rights first, not cow to illegals under the aupices of justice and fairness.

America is about oppertunity...but we can't let the whole world in and we should.

I do care about human beings: American human beings!