May 19, 2006

Not Close. Not Smooth.

I'm shaving this morning with my new electric razor. I finally traded in my old razor after long and noble service. The old razor just wasn't working. It took forever to shave, did a bad job, and if I went a few days without shaving it would tug painfully on the longer hairs rather that slice them off cleanly. But the process of my shaver starting to suck was gradual. I really didn't notice how bad it was, till the new razor arrived. So close! So smooth! So fast!

Which bring me to this Political Animal post on how the Bush administration punished
CIA agents who reported bad news from Iraq:

One former senior agency official told me, “If I were at the CIA now and was asked to work on an NIE [on Iraq], my first response would be, 'How the fuck do I get out of this?' The most courageous, honest person in the place would be reluctant to do it because every time someone says the emperor has no clothes he gets his head lopped off.”

How can Bush get it right in Iraq if he doesn't even know how bad it is? Will a policy ever work if its not even based on the real facts?

Bush administration policy has been so bad for so long that no one even realizes how far we've come. We just put up with it, like I did with my shaver.

The American people won't realize how bad it iuntilll we get a new Administration. Only then will we know that the last six years could have gone so much better.

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